Daniel Cavalcanti

Characterising quantum correlation
via semi-definite programming

 Daniel Cavalcanti


Researcher of the Institute of Photonic Sciences with a prestigious project and an expert in foundations of quantum physics, specially  quantum nonlocality, quantum steering, and its applications to information processing.

Lecture Program:

Semi-definite programming (SDP) is a class of optimization problems that appears in several situations in quantum information. In this series of lectures, I will discuss the problem of characterising quantum correlations with SDPs. I will discuss several scenarios, namely the entanglement, quantum nonlocality and Einstein-Podolski-Rosen steering. By the end of the course I expect the students to understand the different notions of quantum correlations, to identify when a problem can be cast as an SDP and to know the basics of how to use available numerical tools to solve them.

Lecture notes.