List of Speakers

Alejandro Perdomo Ortiz

Alexandre Tacla

André Martin Timpanaro Thermodynamic uncertainty relations from exchange fluctuation theorems

Antonio Khoury

Askery Canabarro Machine learning for quantum systems

Daniel Cavalcanti Statistical mechanics of quantum networks 

Daniel Sahagún Sánchez Phase structure up-conversion through parametric four wave mixing in atomic gases

Davide Poderini Bell inequalities in causal networks: experimental realization and applications

Diego Wisniacki Short and Long Time Behavior of the Out-of-Time Ordered Correlator

 Diogo O. Soares-Pinto Time, asymmetry and quantum reference frames

 Fabien Clivaz Thermodynamically optimal creation of correlations 

Fabricio Toscano Random models to characterise the work statistics of quenchs in quantum complex systems.

Fernando de Melo Perspectives from Quantum Mechanics 

Frederico Brito Probing the Unruh effect with an extended system 

Gabriel Aguilar Experimental manipulation of quantum steering 

Leandro Aolita Reconstructing quantum states with generative models 

Leonardo Guerini Distributed sampling, quantum communication witnesses, and measurement incompatibility

Liliana Sanz Quantum dynamics in Charged Quantum Dots

Marcelo França Photonic Cooper pairs

Marcelo Martinelli Crossing limits with Optical Parametric Oscillators

 Márcio Mendes Taddei Causal non-separability as an operational resource: definitions, conversion, distillation

Olivier Pfister

Rafael Rabelo Measurement compatibility in Bell nonlocality tests 

Ranieri Vieira Nery Quantum Steering Beyond Instrumental Causal Networks 

Raphael Campos Drumond Two typicality results in quantum information

 Roberto M. Serra Reversing the thermodynamic arrow of time using quantum correlations

Sabrina Maniscalco

Santiago Rojas-Rojas Squeezing distribution in waveguide arrays 

Saulo V. Moreira Quantifying quantum invasiveness

Soeren Wengerowsky Entanglement-based wavelength multiplexed quantum communication network

Susane Calegari

Thais de Lima Silva Arbitrary number of mutually unbiased measurements in phase space and their experimental implementation

Thiago O. Maciel Optimal Decomposable Entanglement Witness in Tensor Networks 

Thiago R. de Oliveira – Violation of the Bell inequality in quantum critical random spin-1/2 chains 

Tiago Debarba – Quantum Thermodynamics Limitations on Work Estimation: Work Fluctuations and Broadcast-ability

Yelena Guryanova