Olivier Pfister

Quantum computing over the
rainbow: continuous-variable
quantum information in the optical
fequency comb

Olivier Pfister

University of Virginia

Leader of the Quantum Fields and Quantum Information group of  University of Virginia, with research in experimental atomic, molecular, and optical physics, experimental quantum information,  continuous-variable quantum information and computing, and quantum interferometry.

Lecture Program:

The two challenges of practical quantum computing are circumventing decoherence and achieving scalability. While qubit-based platforms such as trapped ions and superconducting circuits have made great strides in the decoherence challenge, the scalability challenge has been quite successfully handled by continuous-variable, a.k.a. qumode-based, systems such as the quantum optical frequency comb of a single optical parametric oscillator. Records have been set for, in particular, the largest cluster entangled states ever made. This course will introduce the continuous-variable entanglement in quantum optics experiments such as multimode squeezers. I will also introduce the concept of measurement-based quantum computing, based on cluster entangled states, first for qubits and then for qumodes, along with the elegant graph-theoretical methods that were developed in this context. Time permitting, I will elaborate on the perspectives for quantum simulation using this platform.

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