Sabrina Maniscalco

Open Quantum System Dynamics

Sabrina Maniscalco

Turku University

Leader of the Turku Quantum Technology theoretical physics research group at the University of Turku, with  research focusing on open quantum systems, non-Markovianity, cold atoms, quantum probes, quantum tomography and incompatibility.

Lecture Program:


Lecture I: Introduction to Open Quantum Systems (microscopic derivations, generalised master equations, Lindblad-Gorini-Kossakowski-Sudarshan theorem).

Lecture II: Non-Markovian open quantum systems (Beyond Markovian
dynamics, overview of non-Markovianity measures).

 Lecture III: Is non-Markovian dynamics a resource for quantum technologies (modern topics and recent results on non-Markovian open
quantum systems).