Yelena Guryanova

High-dimensional Quantum

Yelena Guryanova


Leader of the Young Independent Researcher group  of the Institute for Quantum Optics and Quantum Information in Vienna, with research focusing on quantum information in high-dimensional Hilbert spaces, emergence of causal order in quantum theory and beyond, information processing in theories with and without definite causal structures,time and causality in quantum mechanics.


Lecture Program:

Lecture I: High-dimensional quantum information- an introduction. In this lecture we set the stage by introducing basic concepts in  entanglement theory, including basic definitions, witnesses and entanglement measures.

 Lecture II: High-dimensional quantum information- the multipartite caseand relaxations. We continue by extending the the notions of bipartite
entanglement to the multipartite case. We will discuss how many concepts
have no easy equivalent and introduce several no-go results. To deal with the inevitable complexity of the high-dimensional Hilbert spaces we will
introduce positive maps and semi-definite programs as relaxations that enable a practical certification of entanglement.

 Lecture III: High-dimensional quantum information-open problems. To
conclude the lecture series we will introduce and discuss some of the most
important open problems of entanglement theory (that still remain in 2019). From distillable entanglement, the connection to partial  transposition to the device independent certification of entanglement.